Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum)

Reishi in the growroom Reishi in the growroom

Common Names - Reishi, Ling Chi

Distribution and natural Habitat - This potent mushroom is found throughout the world.  In the Northeast it can be found on dead or dying decidious trees, often hard maple. Look for the annual fruitbodies May-November.

Medicinal Properties - Contains Triterpenoids - steroid like compounds that inhibit cholesterol synthesis and allergic response.  Over 100 different polysaccharides and 130 triterpenoids have been isolated from this species. Many primarily stimulate immune response.  Many have never been studied.

Comments & Availability - This is a slow growing polypore native to our Northeast forests.  One of the more beautiful mushrooms in our growroom. Blocks of substrate can take months to produce a mature fruitobody.  Like many polypores this is a dense mushroom.  We dehydrate fruitbodies and sell them whole, as powder or tea.  Reishi is available year round.  


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