Shiitake (Lentinula edodes)

Common Names - Shiitake, Black Forest Mushroom 

Habitat and Distribution - Native to Japan, Korea, and China.  Shiitake was the first known cultivated mushroom. Fruitbodies can commonly be found on dead and dying Asian Oaks and Beeches.  

Medicinal Properties - Shiitake is the most extensively studied medicinal mushroom.  Lentinan (polysaccharide) has been shown to stimulate the immune system and benefit cancer patients.  Lentinan is also active in fighting bacteria and viruses. Eritadenine (polysaccharide) is an antimicrobial that can lower blood cholesterol levels.  Ergosterols (vit D2) are also present.               

Comments & Availability - Our first and most popular mushroom.  We grow shiitake out in the woods seasonally and in our growroom year round. Shiitake are picked in an immature state to maximize quality, nutrition and flavor.  Tear your Shiitakes, do not slice.  Tearing keeps the cell walls intact and locks in moisture and flavor.  


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