About Us

Originally from Chittenango, NY, KC attended Binghamton University alongside his wife Kristi.  After school, he interned and worked on farms in the Owego and Ithaca, NY areas.  While agriculture was in his heart, he spent three years keeping and breeding exotic birds at institutions across the country. Those years were followed by three more spent selling natural and organic foods in Connecticut.  Finally in 2005, KC and Kristi decided they would rather be growing food and bought their farm in Lebanon, NY.  They have been selling mushrooms since 2007, and finally in the summer of 2011, KC became a full time mushroom farmer.

Kristi is originally from Binghamton, NY, and Choconut, PA. After college at Binghamton, she also briefly worked with exotic animals in Utah. KC and Kristi were married in Binghamton in 2000 but returned to Utah to begin their adventure together. Kristi spent time in an army airborne unit traveling and jumping out of airplanes, as well as time teaching, as a librarian, and finally a full time mother. Kristi is currently, like every member of our family, also a mushroom farmer.