Hello!  Are you interested in learning about mushroom cultivation?  We offer apprenticeships of varying lengths for the right individuals.  Please send inquiries to and please include a paragraph or two about your mycological expericences and why you would like to work on a mushroom farm.  We currently do not offer housing.  

Apprentice Duties

  • formulating substrates
  • sterilizing
  • inoculations
  • picking and packing
  • processing and dehydrating
  • attending markets and making deliveries
  • taking responsibility
  • bring unique perspectives

     "During my 3 months working for Fruit of the Fungi, KC taught me an incredible amount about the process of mushroom farming as well as foraging, forestry, ecology, construction, and how to effectively operate a business.
With the outdoor cultivation, I soaked and stacked the logs and harvested the shiitakes. I also learned to decipher between productive logs and ones that would no longer fruit consistently, which were placed separately for efficiency. While outdoors, KC taught me about foraging and identifying wild mushrooms and how to identify which trees could potentially be inoculated with mycelium to grow mushrooms in later years.
     The indoor growing process is definitely what fascinated me the most. I learned everything from cloning wild mushroom species to harvesting lion’s mane, oysters, and shiitakes in various combinations of substrate. It’s an incredible experience to watch the mycelium slowly colonize the bags over time, like slow motion ripples over a calm pond, until they all connect and create a white bag of mycelial fuzz. I also learned to troubleshoot. When bags became contaminated, we had to figure out what may have gone wrong in order to make adjustments for the next time around.
     Culminating the experience, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I was able to spend at farmer’s markets where we sold the mushroom products. It was a great feeling when I was finally able to work the markets on my own with ease."       Jesse summer 2014