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A New Season Has Begun!

Friday, February 15th, 2013

 Hello everyone.  It's been a while since we have updated but a new season has begun.  We started inoculating spawn for our shiitake logs last week.  We also started some spawn for Hen-of-the-woods blocks.  We need to start them early as they have a 3-4 month life cycle.  Unfortuantely our plans for some indoor cultivation didn't work out so well last year.  Plan B is well underway and we are confident we can make that happen.  We put some pictures of the blocks we made fruiting in our kitchen on facebook.  They are hardwood blocks growing shiitake.  Even though blocks in the office and kitchen seemed to work great that's a temporary solution.  I can't keep that up without creating some family conflict!  Next month we will start inoculating logs followed by fresh log-grown mushrooms in May.  In the interim we will have dried mushrooms and powder at the Poolville, NY and Utica, NY winter markets.  Thanks and I'll do my best to make the updates more than annual events!     KC    

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